Hason USA is an ASME certified S, U, and R-stamp Custom Fabricator with unique expertise in the manufacturing of considerably large process equipment and pressure vessels.   In addition to manufacturing heavy-walled process equipment, Hason USA is among the world’s finest custom forming organizations specializing in the fabrication of massive segmented pressure vessel parts.


Hason USA fabricates a large variety of Heavy Wall Tanks and Vessels, Reactors, Scrubbers, Columns, Towers, Stacks, Spherical Tanks, Knock out Drums and other process equipment from carbon steel, stainless steel and other exotic metals. Owning tremendous experience in forming and welding Chrome-Moly alloys in house, Hason USA can now control the entire fabrication of complete FCCU reactors and regenerators especially to 934e specifications. 


Our forming capabilities set Hason USA apart from the competition.  We have a 600-ton press capable of forming steel that other companies wouldn’t think about attempting.  With 100’ x 500’ bay and high capacity overhead cranes, Hason USA’s fit up and welding of large segmented parts is performed with ease.  By forming segments as long as 28'-0", Hason USA is able to completely eliminate circumferential weld joints in most heads, significantly reducing overall costs and lead time for the end customer.  We can shape any formable metal as thick as 4” with the vast range from simple cylinders, and cones, to huge diameter domed roofs and exceptionally complicated segmented heads formed with a custom die specifically built to the requirement of each job.  Our engineers design dies which are utilized by some of the most experienced press operators in the world to meet our clients’ unique job specifications. 



Hason USA also, offers coatings and Post Weld Heat Treatment services performed at our location.










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